Sugar Free SCONES




Sugar Free Diabetic Friendly Gluten Sensitive scones to order in batches of 8, 1 flavor per batch.

Lizzie Bobs sugar free, diabetic friendly, Gluten Sensitive SCONES are made with egg, sweet cream butter, almond flour, cream, real fruit, fruit zest, and Lakanto Monk Fruit to sweeten without added sugar.

Choose from Lemon Blueberry or Cherry Almond.

Lemon Blueberry Sugar Free Scones: 155 CAL/13.7g Fat/18.2 Carb/13.8g Fiber/2.3g Sugar/3.4g Protein/4.4 NET CARBS

Cherry Almond Sugar Free Scones: 255 CAL/ 21 g Fat/20.8g Carb/15 g Fiber/3.4 g sugar/ 5.9 g Protein/5.8 g NET CARBS


Sugar Free SCONES

Lemon Blueberry, Cherry Almond


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