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**Call 618-589-3770 for Order OR Quote or Send us a Message through the CONTACT US Tab on the Home Page.  Orders Book at Least 1-2 weeks in advance. We highly recommend serving your cake THE SAME DAY or THE NEXT DAY.  Our Cakes are fresh from scratch and contain NO PRESERVATIVES.**

Storing Your Cake: We highly recommend storing the cake in the original box in a draft free area away from heat, windows, any water source, and NEVER on top of a Refrigerator or Freezer.  We do NOT recommend freezing or refrigerating the cake as the temperature change, humidity, and other foods in your fridge or freezer may change the texture and taste of the cake.  The buttercream is made with butter and pasteurized egg whites, which are fully cooked and safe to eat.  Once the cake is sliced, you can store leftovers wrapped in saran wrap inside a ziploc bag to maintain freshness in the fridge or freezer THE SAME DAY you slice the cake.  Once the cake is exposed to Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide, it will change the texture and taste of the cake if left on a counter or table at room temperature.

Lizzie Bob’s Sweets from Scratch offers our Signature Rosette, Naked Iced Cake, Drip Cake, or Custom Modeling Chocolate Design.

Round Two Layer Cakes: 6 inch/9 inch *See Menu*

12 Inch Round Cookie Cakes: Chocolate Chip or Sugar Cookie Sprinkle    Available in buttercream, modeling chocolate, or two layer design *See Menu*

Drip Cake Two Layer, One flavor with chocolate ganache drip and buttercream swirls on top (6 inch $45 or 9 inch $65) $10 additional for 6 French Macarons, or 6 Edible Cookie Dough balls on top of cake

Animal Head Cake (Unicorn, Dog, Cat) (6 inch $55 or 9 inch $75) $20 for Any additional Animal Designs that require more cake, materials, or modeling chocolate design

Cupcake “Cake”: 40 cupcakes arranged into a design with modeling chocolate $130 (Additional Labor Costs may be added based on design)

Dog Birthday Cake: 5 inch, 2 layer, Canine friendly Cake w/ dog name spelled out in homemade treats covered in a yogurt icing $20

“Cake Pop” Cake: 12 cake pops one flavor on a cake board with writing $38

See our MENU  for Pricing, Flavors, and Fillings

Purchase pastries at the bakery during business hours to taste our products. 

Pickup Your Order at the Bakery Tuesday-Friday 8-2 & Saturday 8-12

**We do NOT offer Cake Tastings, Free Samples, Wedding Cakes, Tiered Cakes, or Custom Orders for pickup on Sunday or Monday as the bakery is closed.**

If You Cancel your Custom order for ANY reason, You will NOT be refunded sales tax, tips, or 50% of your subtotal. 

Lizzie Bobs Bakery does Not offer Refunds or Exchanges.  Lizzie Bobs Bakery does Not offer changes to your order after the order has been placed and paid.

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